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G. Patrick Griffin  

Leadership Coach.  Motivational Speaker.  Author. 

With more than 20 years in leadership, Griffin shares his formula for success through the core principles of Humility, Authenticity, Resilience and Persistent Faith. These principles have birthed The HARP Method and are outlined in his newly released book, “Hold Your Corner,” where Griffin uses motivational stories to reveal how anyone can use

The HARP Method to succeed in life. 


Let The HARP Method awaken the leader in you!

G. Patrick Griffin is the author of Hold Your Corner

and creator of The HARP Method

Welcome to The HARP Method!

Humility.  Authenticity.  Resilience.  Persistent Faith.
The HARP Method is a leadership toolkit designed for corporate executives, professionals, educators, students and others who want to grow and become better leaders using the principles of Humility, Authenticity, Resilience and Persistent Faith.

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"Hold Your Corner” is an inspirational account of the leadership lessons imparted in Griffin by his father. Those lessons are the impetus for Griffin’s 20-year career in leadership and his transition to author, leadership coach and motivational speaker. 

“Hold Your Corner” demonstrates how aspiring leaders can incorporate the principles of Humility, Authenticity, Resilience and Persistent Faith - The HARP Method into your professional or personal life to become the leader you were destined to be.

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G. Patrick Griffin teaches audiences how to use the principles of The HARP Method

Humility, Authenticity, Resilience and Persistent Faith to improve their leadership skills, build engaged teams and increase employee performance - all while being your true, authentic self. 

The HARP Method is perfect for organizations, leadership conferences, executive training, educators,

aspiring leaders, students or anyone seeking to grow personally or professionally.

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