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Mastering effective leadership can be challenging.

The HARP Method is a highly effective toolkit for those seeking to improve their leadership skills at all stages of personal and professional development using the principles of Humility, Authenticity, Resilience and Persistent Faith as a foundation for long-term success. 

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The HARP Method will help you build successful and engaged teams!

Created from lessons taught by his father, G. Patrick Griffin used four key principles to shape his success in building engaged teams of tomorrow. These principles have become the cornerstone for Griffin’s 20-plus years of successful leadership within a multi-billion dollar health system.


By mastering the principles of The HARP Method, leaders will be able to:

  • Communicate leadership vision 

  • Create an accountable and high-performing environment 

  • Spark a ripple effect of positivity and resilience

  • Use authenticity and "relatability" to get employee buy-in

  • Communicate the effectiveness of  “Holding Your Corner” 


The principles of The HARP Method are not just for corporate executives, but also for individuals seeking master-level direction in other areas of life including community engagement, higher education, and personal relationships.


By incorporating the principles of The HARP Method, leaders can expect to see an increase in company morale, improvement in productivity and optimization of team talents. Griffin’s practical knowledge, authentic approach and "straight from the hip” engagement style resonates with many – from individuals beginning their professional journey to entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives. 


Great leaders understand that the gift of leadership is to be honored with Humility, treasured with Authenticity, protected with Resilience and operated through Persistent Faith. 

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The HARP Method is a leadership toolkit for corporate executives, professionals, educators, students and others who
want to grow and become better leaders using the principles of Humility, Authenticity, Resilience and Persistent Faith.
  • Foundations of Leadership

  • Building Engaged Teams

  • What it means to be an Authentic Leader

  • Being Resilient

  • Leading Efficiently in the 21st Century

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