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My HARP Journey

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Welcome to The HARP Method

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Not all superheroes wear capes.

My superhero wore a uniform during the week and a three-piece suit on Sundays.

My superhero is my dad, George W. Griffin.

Not only did my father show me how to tie my shoelaces, understand the value of a

dollar, and how to protect and provide for my family, he’s the man who taught me the

power of grace and respect. He taught me about sharing what you have and how a

simple gesture of a smile can be of upmost importance to its receiver.

Oftentimes, I reflect on the many life lessons and teachings my father bestowed upon

me. What I know for certain, is how much I genuinely appreciate and respect the role

he had in my life. His actions and mannerisms laid the foundation for me to become

into the man, leader, father, mentor and friend I am today.

My father was a humble, authentic and resilient man of faith. Those traits were

embedded in his DNA. You see, growing up, all the insightfulness my Pops presented

to me - be it sharing the same stories with me week in and week out, or perhaps

because of my simple observations of him when I was a young boy following him

around on Saturday afternoons at the car lot – unbeknownst to me, I was soaking up

those distinct characteristics he carried with him in every interaction and person he

encountered. Little did I know, our time together was creating what would one day

become known as The HARP Method.

Mastering effective leadership for any leader is challenging. The HARP Method is a

toolkit for those seeking to improve their leadership skills, using the principles of

Humility, Authenticity, Resilience and Persistent Faith as a foundation for personal and

professional growth. The HARP Method uncovers the characteristics that every leader

must embody for success. These core values have been the cornerstone in both my

own personal growth and over 20 years in leadership. I genuinely believe these traits

are vital to the achievements of anyone in a position of influence.

It is with much anticipation, sheer excitement and extreme pleasure that I present to you

The HARP Method.

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